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Confidential Shredding London, Essex and Kent

Sharp Skips confidential shredding branch have the capability of destroying your waste securely by means of shredding. An enclosed lockable container can be supplied to your address, which can be filled with your confidential documents. Once filled the container will then be taken for immediate shredding and a certificate of destruction provided on completion.

Information for most successful companies is as important as the services they provide. Information if not handled appropriately can lead to data protection and malicious or fraudulent crimes occurring. Accounts, Customer and employee data, Credit card details, and purchase information are all examples of data that should be destroyed securely to avoid being the victim of malicious intent.

The data protection law dictates the legal duty of companies and individuals to act and safeguard confidential data effectively. Securely shredding the documents containing the personal information of any individual(s) ensures the legislation is met.


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