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New Waste Reporting SystemNew Waste Reporting System 10th August 2012
Sharp Skips are pleased to announce the roll-out of a new waste reporting system which has been integrated with our existing office software. The new system generates useful waste reports for customers who are required to show how much of their waste is recycled and how much residue is sent to landfill. The system makes use of existing data stored on our office system which includes load weights, type of wastes extracted, and how much is recycled. The report, generated monthly gives total sums of the multiple waste types extracted at each site, plus a history of how much has been recycled monthly, since the site began.
2012 Traffic Surprises us!2012 Traffic Surprises us! 10th August 2012
Everybody would agree so far that the Olympics has been a remarkable success, with the opening ceremony, travel arrangements and TeamGB all surpassing expectations. But transport companies like us had feared the worst, having been informed almost 12 months ago by TFL that East London would become a no go zone for firms such as ours. Now that London 2012 is well underway we were pleasantly surprised to find that on the first day of the games the weight of traffic on the roads into and out of London was fairly light.
HMRC clarifies Landfill TaxHMRC clarifies Landfill Tax 22nd June 2012
HMRC have stated that provided a paper trail of where the waste originates from and that the current load meets a WAC test (Waste Acceptance Criteria test) we are able to tip some loads at landfill at the reduced tax bracket.

Just to clarify that there has not been a U-Turn by HMRC, only that waste that meets the above criteria can be tipped at landfill at the lower tax bracket. This does mean that the cost of disposal of waste has not risen as much as first feared.
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