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Recycling Centre

Our state of the art Material Recycling Facility in Rainham, Essex enables us to divert 95% of our customers waste away from Landfill. All waste that enters our depot is segregated and processed using picking lines, advanced sorting machinery and shredding. Please see an animation above and video below for further details.

After waste processing at our facility is complete, the waste can be treated as a commodity and leaves to be further processed or re-used at dedicated material facilities. Our Rainham facility is licensed as a waste transfer station. It is operated by a compliment of fully trained and accredited personnel.

Waste Segregation Reports are offered to all customers after seperation has taken place. Find out more here

With over 30 years’ experience servicing the waste management industry, you can be sure we are doing everything we can to preserve the standards of the local environment and ensure all valuable waste are either re-processed or re-used where possible.


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